Do i need a rewire?

The question of if your house or commercial property/industrial unit in Swadlincote is in need a rewire can often be a matter of opinion, but it is actually a matter safety.

It is also a question of if the installation is fit for purpose, more so in commercial and industrial electrical installations, but it is still the case in domestic properties. It isn't always a straight forward yes or no answer, and if you were to ask two different electricians, in some cases you could get two different recommendations. Ultimately, this should be an informed decision by you and our aim is to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

How long does the wiring last before they need to be re-wired?

Although the copper within the cables may still conduct electricity, it is often the condition or state of the insulation that is the main contributing factor for the need to re-wire. On paper, the expected lifespan of a cable is usually said to be around 25 years, however the majority of electrical installations will exceed that by a considerable length of time, quite often by another 25 years.

Another contributing factor is the layout and make up of the main socket and lighting circuits. If extensive changes are required to suit your needs, it can often be easier to install fresh new wiring.

When do I need to rewire my property?

So for example, you have bought a 50 year old house that has never been rewired, do you need a rewire?... If the cables test out ok and you are largely happy with all the socket locations and light fitting locations, provided you have got appropriate protection on your circuits, there is no immediate rush whilst everything is working as it should.

If you are going to get the house re-plastered and or are carrying out extensive decorating works then it would be a good opportunity to rewire at this point. Rewiring is a big and messy job, if you are renovating your house and your wiring is old then we would advise that you carry out a rewire at this time. The same principle would apply to a commercial or industrial property, although this is more situational to make up of the building and more often than not the use of the building has changed and therefore the wiring has usually already been altered to suit.

A good way to modernise the electrics is to upgrade the old fuse-board or consumer unit to a Metal Full Type A, RCBO consumer unit, with an in-built Surge Protection Device (SPD). This will ensure that all your circuits are protected and bring your electrics closer in line with current wiring safety regulations.

If you've got VIR cable (Vulcanised India Rubber) then this will need to be upgraded as a priority. VIR cables stopped being used in the early 1960s and it is now very difficult to work with. This is due to the age of it, they are usually brittle and as such, crack when you move or bend the cables whilst working with it. There are other cables that will fall under this obsolete wiring category such is lead sheathed cable, paper insulated cable and aluminium cable.

The colour of the cables can help date your electrics, there is also sometimes a date printed onto the cables. More often than not, there can be a mixture of different electrics from different periods of time. Brown and Blue cables for Single Phase or Brown, Black, Grey and Blue in the case of Three Phase and neutral (TP&N), were installed from 2004 onwards, and replaced Red and Black, or Red, Yellow, Blue and Black for TP&N.

It always a good idea to have an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) carried out before buying a domestic or commercial property. If you already own the property then it isn't too late, we can often get a good idea of the condition of the installation and your needs without necessarily having to carry out a a full EICR.  

We will happily provide you with free advice and help you decide whether or not you should be considering a full rewire of your home or commercial property. If you need a rewire, Spon On Electrical offer full and partial rewire services for domestic, commercial and industrial in Swadlincote, Burton, Derby, Tamworth, Lichfied, Asbhy and all other locations within the local area.

How much does a rewire cost?

The price of a rewire can vary depending on if the property is occupied or not and this applies to both domestic and commercial rewires. But we have got a handy rewire cost calculator to help give you a guide. This can be found here.

For more information regarding full and partial rewires, contact our friendly team today.