Solar On Roof

Local Derbyshire Businesses can make big savings on their energy bills by using Solar Power, often for businesses the pay pack period less than halve of what it would be for a residential property. 


How can businesses save money with solar?

Commercial properties usually have large electricity bills and therefor this means that there is the potential for large savings, the bigger your electricity bill the more you can potentially save. 

Commercial properties usually have large roofs that are perfect to install solar panels onto.

Most businesses are operate during the day time, when the sun is most prevalent, which means that these businesses can utilize this energy better. 

What are the benefits of installing solar panels on my commercial property?

Solar panels for commercial properties can be an excellent investment, which can help secure the future of the business massively reducing it’s energy bills, which for some businesses is one of the largest expenditures.

Solar can also improve the company image by being more environmentally friendly. 

Solar panels are one of the most cost effect ways of improving your carbon footprint. 

Having solar installed can be claimed as an expenditure. 

Certain types of businesses are chosen during tendering processes party based on their carbon emissions. 


Spot On Electrical (Midlands) Ltd are Commercial solar installers in Derbyshire, we also install commercial solar panels in Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and surrounding areas. 


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