How you can save money on your energy bills with battery storage installation, without needing a solar panel installation. 

Should I install batteries without solar?

As solar and battery installers in Swadlincote, we welcome recent news that battery only installations will qualify for 0% VAT, there has never been a better time to have battery storage fitted.

Solar inverter and battery installation

Why do people have batteries fitted instead of solar? 

There are number of reasons why our customers have batteries fitted on their own. For some customers in the rural areas of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire they suffer from frequent power cuts so they want the ability to be able to use the batteries as emergency power, which will talk about in more detail. 

However, most of our local battery installations have been for the purposes of saving money on energy bills. 

Not all roofs are suitable but solar but, just because your roof isn’t suitable for solar, doesn’t mean you can’t save more on your energy bills. 

How does battery storage work? 

Batteries can be programmed to work in different ways. However, the main principle is that, it is a storage device that allows you to purchase energy at a much cheaper rate during off peak hours, and then it will enable to use the cheaper energy that you have pre-purchased during the peak hours. And of course, if you have solar panels, you can use them to store excess energy generated by your array. 

Is worth fitting battery storage on its own? 

Ultimately yes, if you can access a cheaper tariff during certain hours of the day, then you will be able to charge up your batteries during the period in which you get a cheap tariff, once the higher tariff kicks back in, you will then switch back over your batteries and utility the cheaper rate energy. Typically, the feedback from our solar and battery installations in the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire areas is that they are enjoying tariffs at 1/4 of their standard rate, so that their energy bill is cut to 1/4 (almost) don’t forget your standing charge which will not change, this is approximately £195 per year. Octopus Energy claim that they offer tariffs at 1/10 of the price. 

How long does it take to pay back battery storage? 

This will  vary, however, according to Ofgem, the energy price cap for typical households, is £1928, take away the standing charge for the year of approx. £195 per year, that means the typical household will use £1733 of electricity. If you can fully utilise tariffs at 1/4 of your standard rate, then you should be saving £1300 per year with batteries alone. So, for a 5kWh install, please see below. 

How much do batteries cost to install? 

The typical battery installation is said to cost approximately £1000 per kWh to install, however, we can usually offer a 10kWh battery fully installed with a hybrid solar ready inverter for under £5000. This means you could have your battery fitted and then have solar fitted at a later date, spreading out the cost. 

Can I get still get solar fitted after the batteries are fitted?

On all our Battery only installs we will install inverters capable up solar upgrades. Just like on all our solar only installs we will install inverters capable of future battery upgrades. 

Do solar batteries power the house if there’s a power cut? 

Yes, they can but it depends on your inverter’s capabilities it should have Emergency Power Supply mode inbuilt (EPS) It is usually recommended that you only use essential equipment, such as your boiler and perhaps your Wi-Fi router/TV/Lighting. However, the bigger the invertor and batteries, the more you can power. Not all inverters can run without mains power, and if they can, they must be installed in a certain way to allow them to provide power in a blackout. All of our battery installations are carried out using 

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