Spot On Electrical, Swadlincote - PAT testing

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, during which all the appliances at your Swadlincote premises are checked to certain safety standards to make sure they are safe for continued use. This includes anything that can be plugged in/moved such as microwaves, TVs etc. 

Why do I need a PAT Test?

PAT Testing is not a legal requirement, however UK Law states that an employer needs to ensure that their electrical equipment is maintained in order to prevent danger. 
We would strongly recommend landlords and owners of commercial premises in Swadlincote to have PAT testing carried out on their appliances. Over time they can develop numerous faults, not just visible ones such as damage to the cabling, but also faults you cannot see which could lead to a risk of electric shock.
Also it is advised that domestic customers consider having their appliances tested, due to the amount used in domestic settings and often purchases from sources online which might not meet the UK safety standards. 

What is involved during PAT testing?

On the day, one of our engineers will arrive at your Swadlincote property and fully explain the process to you. It involves having access to any portable appliances you may have for testing, such as TVs, microwaves, extension leads, kettles, hairdryers etc. The engineer will first of all check the appliance over, making sure there is no visible signs of damage/ wear and tear, before using a PAT Testing Machine to do some safety checks on the appliance. At this point we will know if the appliance has passed or failed, and the engineer will label the appliance up accordingly. 

During the day the engineer will also complete a series of paperwork, and issue you a certificate of the items tested and any recommendations. 

What happens if an appliance fails the test? 

If an appliance fails, the engineer will advise you. It might be a simple repair that can be carried out on site to resolve the issue (this will be an additional charge). If the device cannot be repaired, then it is no longer fit for purpose and must be taken out of service.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes a detailed report will be completed, and emailed over to you following the inspection at your Swadlincote property.

How often do I need to have my appliances PAT tested?

It is recommended that you have your appliances tested every 12 months. However we would recommend if you are letting/renting the property you have this done at any change of tenancy as things can soon change. We would also recommend having this in conjunction with an EICR.

If you would like to arrange PAT testing at your Swadlincote property, Spot On Electrical are here to assist. We are your experienced local electrician. Contact us today.