Here at Spot On Electrical we have been rewiring homes in Swadlincote for years, averaging around four rewires a month our electricians have the experience and expert skills to safely and efficiently rewire your home or business.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about rewiring a home or business. 

What should I expect when having my house rewired?

Wiring a house a house is a big job that can be a messy and destructive, however, at Spot On we carry out rewires on a regular basis and we have specialist tools and techniques that we employ during rewires to keep the mess and destruction to an absolutely minimum.

What is covered in a full rewire?

All fixed mains wiring after your Electricity Meter, including the cables coming out of your meter, unless otherwise specified.

How much does a rewire cost?

In 2023 the typical average cost for a 3 bed semi-detached property starts at around £4000+VAT but this depends on a variety of factors.

When does a house need to be rewired?

It is recommend that a house is rewired every 25 years. However, please see our blog 'Do I need to rewire?' for a more in depth explanation.

How long does a rewire take?

At Spot On Electrical, we typically aim to turn around re-wires in 1 week and we will adapt the rewire team to suit the job so that we can carry out most typical rewires within a week.

If the house is occupied or there is a lot of property in the way that will need to be moved, this will take additional time.

What certification do I need for a rewire?

You will need a Full Electrical Installation Certificate and you will also need to notify building control of the Electrical works. Spot On Electrical are NAPT approved Electricians, so if we rewire your property, we will provide you with a Full Electrical Installation Certificate and we will also notify your local building control through NAPIT and provide you with a Notification Certificate as proof which you will need should you ever sell your property.

Can my house by rewired whilst I am living in it?

Yes, however, it will take longer and ultimately cost more, so it is well worth considering taking a holiday or staying with friends or relatives whilst the rewire is being carried out.

That said we appreciate that it is not always possible, and we do carry out 'occupied' full rewires. Whilst surveying your home, we can have a discussion as to what power you will need for the duration, as we will provide temporary power circuits.

Can any Electrician carry out a rewire?

Yes, any fully qualified electrician should be capable of carrying out a re-wire. They will need to be a member of a governing body such as NAPIT in order to 'sign it off' and send a notification to building control, although it is possible to have building control sign off on a rewire for a fee.

As NAPIT approved Electricians in Swadlincote, we carry out the notifications ourselves so we're unable to advise on the costs of having building control come out to sign off your rewire.

How can I reduce the costs of a rewire?

The best way to save money on your rewire is to ensure that property is void of any furniture, all carpets are out of the way, the loft is clear and that the kitchen and bathrooms are removed. But, that said, we can still work around a lot of that.

Best Electricians for a rewire?

We may be slightly bias, but we carry out up to 4 rewires a month so have become pretty efficient at rewires over the years. We know the most effective methods to rewire and future proof your home.  

Does rewiring increase the value of my home?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases, we recently carried out an EICR for a homebuyer, and recommend the property should be rewired before they moved in. They managed to get £5000 knocked off the already accepted offer.

Some estate agents don't always take into account the standards of wiring in their property valuation calculations, however, the standard of wiring in a property is very important and can have an impact on the value of a property.

Rewire Electrician in Swadlincote

If you're concerned about your homes wiring, please don't delay. Leaving old and deteriorated wiring can be harmful to you and your family. Contact a qualified electrician to carry out an EICR as soon as possible. Spot On Electrical are your local rewire experts based in Swadlincote. 

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