Spot On Electrical are now proud to offer solar panel and battery installation in Swadlincote. Our mission is to be the best solar and battery installers in Derbyshire.

Should I get solar installed on my home?

We will aim to answer some of your frequently asked green energy related questions.

Are solar panels worth it?☀️

Solar panels are absolutely worth while in most circumstances, for most people. Solar panels will always pay for themselves and then provide a return on your investment, whilst giving you some security over your energy costs if we see energy costs rise again.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves?

We have heard of solar installations paying for themselves within 3 years, however, 6-10 years is a more of a realistic estimate. This is all down to how much energy you use, and how exactly you use the energy. It is also import that the installation is designed around your energy requirements, as an over-sized installation will take longer to pay for itself.

Is it worth getting batteries with my solar?🔋

Although batteries represent a significant investment, they can more than double your returns on your solar panels. But this depends on your property and how you utilise energy. As well as the size of your solar panel array. For most people it is worth getting batteries so that you can continue to use solar energy at night.

Is it worth getting batteries without solar?

A lot of people are making it worth while by utilising cheap overnight tariffs to charge their batteries and then running their houses off of the batteries outside of these periods.

Will batteries still power my house if there is a power cut?⚡

Under normal circumstances, no, but we install inverters and batteries that have the capability of providing power, in the invent of a power cut. The inverters will usually only be around 3.5 kW for an average domestic property, so what we can do is provide a circuit that will provide power to your boiler and your fridge/freezer, and this could last for days. If you have a larger inverter that could power your entire house then, this wouldn't be required, but it would be unusual to have such a scenario due to the cost involved.  

Solar Installers near me

We are providing solar installation in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire as well is the surrounding areas. We will be producing further information on solar and battery storage. But if you have any queries or would like a free no obligation quote then don't hesitate to get in contact